Star Wars: Destiny Manifested


The Adventures of TEAM COMPUTER

It was dark, dangerous, and smelly. The perfect scenario for me to utilize my ninja abilities and navigate this hell hole quietly. My crew was following behind. Something was different though about them this time. It’s like they actually knew what they were doing now.

We found the medical corridor and I saw the doctor immediately. I knew she wouldn’t be a problem. After doing a quick ocular pat down of the rest of the corridor I noticed the two enemy guards sitting inside the guard bay. I knew we had to eliminate them quickly. I slipped around the side and had the “pilot” grab the doctor. Once he had her secured, I knew the guards would be suspicious and come out to take a look. They both emerged from their post simultaneously and my instincts kicked in. I grabbed my vibro knife and hurled it into the first guards chest. Before the other guard could act I had my hands around his neck, “nighty, night” I said as I snapped it like a twig. The pilot managed to keep the doctor under control and after the real work was done the nerds began to bicker. I didn’t want to get mixed up in the technical mumbo jumbo so I sat by and waited until they had reached an agreement. We decided to split up into two teams. I was on the assault squad and the other team was doing something else.

I guided the assault squad around making sure we wouldn’t get jumped. Unfortunately the other team wasn’t as sneaky. They alerted several guards on the way to do whatever it was they were doing. We caught the reinforcements with several bullets and made quick work of them. After that we headed up stairs to find out who was running this shit show. Once we got upstairs I could easily see that there were guards posted in both side corridors. I go big or go home and barged straight to the main door at the end of the hall. Took my boot and put it into the door swiftly swinging it open. There was a big dumb looking one standing right in the middle of the room. The tiny weird one and I put several rounds into him forcing him to retreat. I could hear the other two guard squads coming from behind us. I swung around and laid waste to several of them before ducking into cover. The other team had finally made it up to us at this point and helped to dispatch the remaining guards. Unfortunately the big one got away but we got his scent now.

Like I said before, this mission felt different with the crew. They weren’t as bad as they normally are, something has changed. Either they are getting better or I’m getting softer, but damnit I’m proud of them.


Quietly infiltrating the main foyer of the monastery, the crew quickly noticed that the ancient structure had undergone heavy and significant modifications. The dim lighting and eerie silence was disconcerting. Perhaps a few hours ago these corridors would have been bustling with people, but now they were muted and the lengthy shadows cast a spectral pall over the room. Three hallways led from the entry. One contained many smaller doors, packed tightly together to the left. This corridor had the look of living quarters. Straight ahead, the corridor contained five entrances; three on the left and two on the right. The final corridor, to the left, contained a single door about midway down the wall. At the end of each hall a cross passage could be seen, along with sets of open staircases to the level above. The crew, slightly confused by the lack of people or guards, decided to make their way down the left hallway toward the single door. Covered by the humanoids, R2-Q5 began to utilize his auto-lock breaker to gain access. After a minute of work he popped the locking mechanism. As the door swung open, the sound of heavy footfall was heard by Lan and Verk approaching the far end of the corridor. The crew through themselves blindly through the door and hastily closed it behind them.

Lan pressed his ear to the door as the others looked around. They were in an obvious medical suite. The entryway workroom had a small waiting area, and a few desks. It also had 5 doors leading from it. Two, to each the left and right, were obviously patient’s rooms. Looking through the viewing windows, the crew saw a number of late-teen humans in each room being tended by 2-1B medical droids. Directly across the entry from the main entrance was the fifth door which led to the main laboratory. Peering in the large windows, the crew saw a human woman in a lab coat hunched over a microscope, while two heavily armored guards sat in a corner, chatting to keep themselves awake.

As the crew took this all in, Lan listened to the sound of guards on rounds approach and then pass by the suite’s door. As he breathed a sigh of relief, he turned to see Verk, Gand, R2, Tran, and Juris devising a plan in hushed tones. After a brief discussion it was decided to have R2 trigger a false alarm to draw the doctor out of the main lab. The droid entered a patient’s room, followed by Tran and Lan, while Verk, Gand, and Juris set up their ambush. R2 easily sliced into the available terminal and triggered a Code Blue for this patient. He also found hidden files referencing a Dr. Ranna Pell and her work on neural reconfiguring. He also found evidence of shipments of cybernetic interfaces shipped from Cybot Galactica at the behest of Elia Artes.

The woman, seeing the alert, responded quickly and ran from the primary lab while one of the two guards followed her. When she reached the patient’s room, Lan slipped behind her and put his hand over her mouth. At the same instant Verk jumped the guard, silencing the man permanently with a deft slice of his vibroknife. When the second guard checked in, Verk attempted to bluff him, but as is typical, it’s not his strong suit. The second man exited the lab and was immediately attacked by Gand. With the combined skill of Gand and Verk, the atypical ferocity of Juris, and a paralytic dart from R2 the second guard was subdued.

Lan then began interrogating the doctor. She admitted to being Ranna Pell, but insisted that she was being forced to work for Denack Kralsh against her will. She said she was brought here to help develop the chems required for neural reconfiguring, a form of brainwashing that is illegal even in the Empire. She will tell the group that the subjects undergo a successive amount of treatments, which then allows them to be “programmed” with an activation code. Once activated the subjects are mentally malleable, and when deactivated remember nothing of the activation other than what they were told to remember. In this way it is similar to hypnotic suggestion. While activated the subjects are taught things like combat, slicing, demolitions, and other skills useful in espionage. She also told the crew that the technique had never been effective before, but the neural cybernetic interfaces from Cybot Galactica had allowed for a more direct and efficient signal to reach the affected portions of the brain.

The crew then devised a plan to broadcast the entire list of activation codes and then order all of the kids back to their homes. Dr. Pell was unconvinced that would be 100% effective as she had not performed testing on recorded activations, but admitted it might be possible. Lan, R2, and Tran would head back to the main corridor in search of a useful terminal to slice, while Gand, Juris, and Verk made their way upstairs to find Kralsh.

Team Computer silently backtracked toward the main entry. When they arrived they heard the voices of two guards chatting from the central hallway. R2 rolled around the corner, again attempting his neural paralytic darts. The two guards however had the fortitude to keep their feet and began to exchange fire with Team Computer.
Meanwhile, Verk, Gand, and Juris reached the end of their hall just in time to hear blaster fire erupt from the central corridor. This blaster fire drew the attention of two more guards from upstairs. As the two men came down the stairs Verk and Gand hit them each with a devastating shot from their rifles. The four guards were no match for the deadly and fast shooting of the crew, especially once caught in a crossfire.

After the guards were dispatched and they were sure no one else was coming, they again split, Team Stealth heading upstairs and Team Computer into the rooms along the central corridor. In the first room they found evidence of a classroom for teaching the delicacies of explosives, in the second, the subtleties of palming entire ships. The third room was a slicing classroom. R2 beeped excitedly as he made his way to the main terminal and began to force his way into the training center’s computer system. He easily swatted away the electronic defenses and learned that the plan of broadcasting the activation codes wouldn’t work due to a lack of a central PA system. He did discover the layout of the entire monastery and its surrounding grounds. BY studying the map he learned that the two remaining classrooms were dedicated to sleight of hand & other skullduggery techniques and the talents of persuasion used in espionage. He also stumbled upon communications from Benton Kaldo inquiring to delivery dates for his “shipments.” A second set of documents confirmed that Elia Artes, an executive with Cybot Galactica, was responsible for providing the neural interfaces and other funding for this “project.”

Team Stealth, slowly made their way upstairs checking the doors along the main corridor. They found a mess hall, kitchen, rec room, and more living quarters. When they had searched about half of the hallway’s doors, Lan contacted them to let them know that the large door at the end of the hallway led to the Command Center for the monastery and its grounds.

Deciding not to wait for reinforcements,despite Gand’s warning of a large man within, Verk booted the door open and came face-to-face with Denack Kralsh and some of his crew. Kralsh was two meters tall and well-muscled and had a vibro-ax nearby and appeared to have been in argument with a smaller man, dressed as a typical smuggler. Kralsh expressed surprise at the group’s progress, then picked up the ax and ran toward Verk. Luckily, both Verk and Gand were ready and got off two powerful and accurate shots that slowed and injured the big man. He leveled a mighty swing, but his injured arm through off his aim and Verk dodged at the last moment. The guards exchanged fire with Juris, who managed to burn one of the men down.

As the fight erupted upstairs, Team Computer dashed for the stairwell leading up. Lan and Tran made it to the second floor just in time to see another group of guards, led by a man in laminate armor, exit the rooms behind the forward group. They watched as this new group fired at the unprotected back of their allies. Luckily, no one was seriously wounded in the first barrage. Juris continued to fire at Kralsh’s guards, while Verk and Gand continued to harass the man. While in the hallway, Lan and Tran, newly joined by R2, fired at the second group, hoping to distract them from their friends. Tran opened fire, his two heavy blasters barking rhythmically. Lan raked the ceiling over his enemies head with fire causing plaster to rain down and create a thick wall of dust that filled the corridor. Tran and R2 took advantage of this distraction to drop the 4 men within the dust.

Kralsh, seeing that the crew was more formidable than he had initially thought, ran toward the far wall from the door. As he approached, a secret door slid open and he disappeared down the darkened corridor. The smuggler who had stayed out of the lightfight quickly followed. As Juris and Verk finished off the final guards in the Command Center, Gand barreled into the tunnel after the two men…

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