Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Pulling the Ears off a Gundark


After arriving at Vanqor the crew made contact with Weeko Neeks and arranged to deliver the goods to Muraga the Hutt‘s landing platform. While approaching the rendezvous point you learned that Vanqor was in the midst of preparation for The Gundark Open, a hunting competition held annually. Weeko, upon receipt of his goods, was more than happy to tell you about the Gundark Open and his employer’s hunt team, the defending champions. Quick thinking by Gand and Juris gave them the time to install a homing device on the contraband glitterstim before handing it off to Weeko. This would allow them to follow the goods from a safe distance. Weeko was also convinced to arrange for invitations to Muraga’s festivites for three of the crew, leaving Verk to sneak aboard the luxury liner among another group of hunters.

Once aboard, the crew was impressed by the extravagance of the Hutt’s party. The ship’s ballroom was decorated with expensive silks and the tables were full of decadent food and drink. The nobles, merchants, and hunters milling about became an excellent source of information and the crew successfully plied them for dirt on Muraga, his hunt team, and the Gundark Open itself. While Gand, Juris, and R2-Q5 gathered intelligence, Verk noticed a hulking waiter that matched the description of Stim. Juris and Gand followed the large man out of the ballroom and through the servants quarters to a small storage area where they witnessed something unexpected. Stim and his soldiers were mourning the death of a friend, who apparently died due to a lack of “juice.” After a near disastrous encounter with the soldiers, Juris and Gand reunited with R2 and Verk in the ballroom with a new lead to follow: the ti’lek majordomo’s terminal. It could be used to locate the exact coordinates of the spice delivery.

The crew crept through the ship until they found the quarters of Muraga and his majordomo. After a quick and literal job of breaking and entering by Juris, the crew gained access to the Commander’s Quarters. Juris and R2 quickly set to work slicing into the majordomo’s terminal while Verk watched the door and Gand looked for the most easily pilfered piece of art. The two at the terminal were able to access the coordinates before being locked out of the system. Meanwhile Gand, with Verk’s assistance, disabled the alarm system on one of the valuable statuettes and dropped it into R2’s hidden compartment. With the vital information in hand they made their escape, tangling with a few of Muraga’s guards on the way out.

The next day the crew discovered that in order to gain entry to the Open they needed to raise some capital. The 5k from Marek Quay along with the 2k from the delivery payment, still left them over 3k short. R2 was able to use his underworld contacts to locate a fence, named Creeg, who operated out of a small tourist shop in one of the smaller nearby lodges. Once the crew established their reason for being there and after a slight “misunderstanding” with Juris about his shop droid, Creeg took Gand, Verk, and R2 to the back of his shop for real business. Verk engaged in some very savvy and uncharacteristic negotiation and got Creeg to pay out 3,500 credits for three stolen Imperial carbines and the statue. This pushed them over the 10k needed for entry with a few credits to spare.

The next morning saw the crew lined up, along with the dozens of other teams, ready to begin the hunt. Another team pointed out Muraga’s huntsmen. A dangerous looking rodian and two gamorreans. When the hunt began, Muraga’s team immediately headed away from the majority of the hunting team’s speeders. Using the coordinates acquired on Muraga’s liner, the crew piloted their speeder directly to the meeting place, a cave complex towards the heart of the preserve. Knowing they were early the crew managed to find decent hiding positions around the cave and the underground stream that bisected the cavern and wait for the hand-off to occur. Twenty minutes later, the rodian and his team arrived with the crates of stim and were met by a six man squad of Imperial Stormtroopers. The payment for the stims was a live albino elder Gundark. In the midst of the hand-off, Gand and Verk noticed Stim and his soldiers attempting to sneak up on the group by the stream. Unfortunately, so did the rodian. All hell broke loose. The huntsmen began attacking the stormtroopers and Stim’s soldiers. The stormtroopers opened fire on the gamorreans and the crew. Luckily for Gand, Juris, R2, and Verk, Stim’s soldiers didn’t initially know of their presence. After a brief but violent firefight, the only people left standing were Stim’s men and the crew. Gand, Juris, and Verk managed to disable the bio-enhancement units on the soldier’s chests, causing debilitating withdrawal and pain.

Then Marek Quay arrived, wearing the uniform of an ISB captain. Along with a full battalion of stormtroopers. He coldly executed Stim’s soldiers, Rix and Garn, leaving only the crew and Stim alive. He quickly explained that without their help he never would have been able to track down Stim and his men, escapees from an ISB experimental soldier program. He then took the entire crew into custody along with Stim and loaded them all onto his shuttle.


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