Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Crime in the Clouds

Most fixers tend to cause trouble. It’s just a fact of the galaxy. Kavin Rel was apparently the best you’d ever met at it. Of course, it cost him in the end. To his credit, Rel showed up on time and with the crates of ale and spirits you were promised. Unfortunately for him, so did a group of assassins.

As his body hit the floor, still smoking from the deadly blaster bolt that had scarred his chest, Gand was already lining up a shot into the dark rafters of the warehouse. The glint of a sniper scope was the only clue Gand had as to the whereabouts of the killer, but Gand made the shot count as Gand slid into cover behind a stack of crates labeled, “Dehydrated Nerf Milk.” Despite the gands lucky shot, a return shot erupted from the darkness, clipping Verk‘s arm. The bounty hunter quickly joined Gand behind cover and joined him in firing at the hidden sniper. Meanwhile, Juris, thinking of the job, grabbed the repulsorsled controls and began moving it toward the cargo speeder. R2-Q5, always quick on his treads, made his way to a nearby terminal and began working to gain access to the warehouse’s systems.

As 6 thugs crossed the warehouse floor, both Gand and Verk continued to exchange fire with the sniper. Juris stayed with his idea of moving the sled, while R2 finally was able to gain access and flood the warehouse with light, exposing the barabel sniper’s exact location.

Once exposed, the barabel decided his high ground was no longer safe and began making his way down the gantry crane, eventually coming face to face with Juris. R2 quickly attempt to take control of a load lifter that was nearby the closest group of thugs. Although unable to drop the cargo upon them, the shifting crates were enough to provide enough of a distraction to provide Verk the perfect opportunity to drop a frag grenade right in the middle of the three men. It went off with devastating effect, instantly killing two and pusng the third to the edge of death. Gand seeing the battle well in Verk’s hands, turned to follow Juris. As Gand rounded the corner and skid to a stop next to the mechanic Gand saw the sniper, now on the ground, and instantly reacted by raising his rifle and putting the barabel down for good. The three remaining thugs, terrified of the hunter and his grenades, turned and ran down an adjacent aisle to find the cargo.
The dying thug, a rodian, was able to use his last breath to line up the most accurate shot of his life, connecting with Verk’s chest. In excruciating pain,Verk dropped, his only option to wait for an ally to resuscitate him.

A few aisles away, the battle was going much differently. Despite a few lucky shots from the assassins, they were no match for Gand and Juris. The most telling moment of the quick firefight was when a well placed shot from Juris instantly killed a twi’lek and the dying alien’s death throes caused his blaster to discharge. Directly into the abdomen of the man next to him. From there it was simply a matter of cleanup. One final thug, one unconscious bounty hunter, and a sled of cargo.

After loading the crates and blasting out of the warehouse, the chance to breathe easy lasted mere minutes before a pair of the Bespin Wing Guard’s cloud cars pulled alongside the speeder and demanded you follow them to a security platform. Reluctantly capitulating the crew was immediately disarmed after landing. A quick search of the speeder and its contents revealed that the fine ales and spirits were in actuality a load of glitterstim. Led to the nearby security office and left to stew in a starkly oppressive interrogation room,the crew was surprised when a Sector Ranger entered and introduced himself a Marek Quay, the Ranger for the Anoat Sector. After some mild questioning, Quay admitted that he was less concerned with them than finding who was controlling the spice ring. He offered a deal. Work with him, find the person in charge, or…spend a long time imprisoned.

The crew didn’t have to think for long before taking the deal. Quay provided 5,000 credits for emergencies and investigation expenses, a micro-transponder, and his Holonet comm code along with orders to find out where and when the shipment was to be delivered. He also provided some information about the assassins from the warehouse. They were members of Brotherhood Mortalis, an expansive mercenary group known for an extreme intolerance of failure, loyalty to the contract, and thoroughness. Despite their reach, he was unaware of any presence on Cloud City. His suggestion was to determine who would hire them to kill Kavin Rel and you by extension.

The crew first decided to discover who had hired Rel, and where the shipment was destined. Hoping to find useful information in his apartment, R2-Q5 sliced the lock while Verk distracted the superintendent. Quickly gaining access, R2, Juris, and Gand spent about half an hour searching the fixer’s cluttered apartment. They found several useful bits of info, including the name of Toydarian on Vanqor. Weeko Neeks, a middleman for Muraga the Hutt, was expecting the shipment in 7 days. The other piece of information was related to a number of death threats Kavin had received over the past month advising him to discontinue his relationship with Weeko Neeks. These comms were traced back to a user named “Stim” using a public terminal.

Next the crew went after Brotherhood Mortalis. R2 was told by a contact that the Brotherhood’s handler worked out of a seedy Sabacc bar called The Skifter. Arriving at The Skifter the crew was unsurprised to find the mercenaries with the run of the bar. Pointed to an over-sized nautolan named Pit Duall, the crew approached without a clear plan. It was obvious, both to them and to Pit. After talking in circles for a few minutes Pit finally admitted that a huge human who called himself Stim had taken out the contract on the fixer.

The crew reported what they had learned to Marek Quay, who arranged for the shipment to be delivered to a secluded cargo platform. Arriving shortly prior to dusk,the crew was only slightly surprised to see three large humans step from the shadows. What surprised them was the bio enhancement apparatus that increased the men’s mass substantially. Luckily, the crew was ready for the ambush this time. The three humanoids grabbed cover and started opening fire on the enhanced soldiers, but the astromech, always a daredevil, decided to use the speeder as a weapon and rammed one of the soldiers head on. Over the next few seconds a fast but savage fight broke out. Both sides scored impressive attacks, including a few masterful blaster shots to disable the bio-enhancement units. However, the soldiers were able to brutally injure both Juris and Gand with deft vibroblade work. Ultimately the crew was successful although the cost of victory was high. While catching their breath a security force, alerted to the blaste fire, arrived led by Quay. After searching the soldiers, some interesting information was uncovered. These men possessed tattoos typically seen on Imperial soldiers and were in the possession of a communiqué from Stim. The message included the ambush location along with a directive to “return to Vanqor when the job is complete.” In addition, the crew determined that the chemical used in the injection system had the smell and sheen of glitterstim.

Quay then told the crew to take what they had learned to Vanqor along with the glitterstim and find the leader of the spice ring. He reminded them that betraying was a terrible idea, unless they wanted all of their dirty secrets and history to catch up with them.
The crew then loaded The Noculent, prepped for take off, and began plotting the course from Bespin to Vanqor. The nav computer says it will take 5 days to reach Vanqor, but they have no idea what they’ll find when they get there.


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