Verk Mesqen

Human Bounty Hunter Assassin


Verk stands around six feet tall. His hair drops down to his shoulders and is very grungy, he normally keeps it tied back. He has a few blaster scarrings on his face and body. He seems to be in fairly good shape for a mid to late thirties bounty hunter. His most notable blaster scar is on is upper back. He has a tattoo that surrounds it of three spheres, spinning in a circle, with trails behind them. He looks older for his age, of 37, than you would expect. He has definitely seen his fair share of combat.


I started bounty huntin’ at an early. Had no choice. You see my family wasn’t exactly the supportive type. My mom was strung out on death sticks almost everyday. I had two older brothers but they left home as soon as they were able. I was the youngest and didn’t really know what was going on until after they had gone. My mom eventually got mixed up with Hutt cartel and not in the good way, if there is such a thing with those creatures. One night they came for collection and they weren’t leaving without something, whether it be death or credits. That was when I got my first kill. I was still pretty young so they weren’t really worried about me until a nabbed a blaster right out of ones holster and put a round through his head. The other one was so shocked that he stumbled back and tried to draw his pistol. By that time I had fixed my sights on him and said, “You draw that pistol and your life is mine.” He decided to keep his life.

The next day I left home. I survived on the streets for a while, it wasn’t easy. I learned that the world did not like me and I didn’t like it. Then I met Berko, and that’s when everything changed. He was a smooth talkin’, blaster tote’in, one man army. I wanted to become just like him, and I did. You see we worked together for years, he trained me very well, and we collected a large amount of bounties. I think he saw himself in me, that’s why he took so kindly to me and helped out so much. He became like an older brother to me. Things were going well for us, and that’s when we decided to take a job from the ladies. The ladies weren’t exactly the best of employers but we knew that they would pay well, and we thought we were at the top of our game. Indeed we were good bounty hunters but we weren’t prepared for what was to come. The ladies sent us on what we thought was just a routine mission. Go to this refugee ship and retrieve someone. Pretty simple stuff that we could handle easily, and it was going to pay well.

We should have known something was wrong when the refugee ship’s comms were jammed. We decided to keep going though and docked in an empty escape pod bay. The ladies had a scout place a tracking beacon on our target beforehand so all we had to do was get to the location marked on our data slate. The ship was abandoned from what we could tell but all we were only concerned with our target. As we closed in on him it lead us to the captains quarters of the ship. We had to breach the door, little did we know it had a discharge unit on the other side. I saw Berko get zapped and then everything went black. We woke up in the captains quarters, couple of goons had us tied down to chairs and out of the darkness walked the ladies. Lady J, Lady V, and Lady R. We hadn’t actually seen what they looked like before hand but they were beautiful. Each sporting high society attire with the look of death in their eyes. They only said one word as they exited the darkness. “Kill them.” The goons complied and before I could make a move I watched as Berko took a blaster round in the back. He looked at me in horror as he fell to the floor…I’ll never forget that look. Then I felt the cold steel of a blaster in my back, followed by a searing heat. That’s the last I remember, next thing I know I’m in some bacta tank in an exploration station that was near the empty refugee ship. Apparently they were moving around the galaxy salvaging parts out of abandoned ships. They found Berko and I, but Berko was dead by the time they had gotten there. The doctor tells me I’m lucky to be alive. I’m not sure why the ladies didn’t decide to finish the job on the spot. I think whoever hired them wanted us to suffer a slow death, that’s usually how the ladies operate.

What I do know is that this blaster scar I have will never let me forget. I’m gonna hunt down those wretches and snuff them out. For me and for Berko.

Verk Mesqen

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