Human Stim Soldier


Genetically engineered human fighter. Utilizes stim enhancements to augment his already impressive strength.


A former Imperial Stormtrooper, Stim enrolled in a voluntary program of the Imperial Security Bureau. After being subjected to months of testing, he became addicted to the glitterstim that was the key ingredient in the Enhancement Serum used in the test. He and a group of other test subjects, escaped the laboratory and made it their mission to steal enough glitterstim from drug dealers to be set for life. They targeted a drug smuggling ring lead by Muraga the Hutt on the planet of Vanqor. After a few months of harassment they attempted to intercept the transfer of glitterstim from Muraga and a squad of Imperials. At this meeting Stim and his men engaged in combat with Muraga’s men, stormtroopers, and the crew. As the battle wrapped up the ISB agent Marek Quay, who had been tracking them since their escape, stepped in and took Stim captive.

Although rescued by the crew from the Imperial Cruiser Valiant, he was turned over to Muraga as compensation for their release and to appease the mighty Hutt. His fate is unknown.


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