Astromech safe cracker


This is important to keep on file: Soundboard


R2-Q5 was built by an underling of Attila the Hutt to open safes and locked hatches on vessels that were commandeered by his gang of space pirates. It was built largely as a joke after the gang’s engineers got into a drunken argument about which droid model was the most useless- this was most evident in its original pink and purple paint job. However, R2-Q5 turned out to be a top-notch safecracker and was used on almost all of the pirate’s excursions, but the droid always resented its treatment by the thugs. Not only was it covered in graffiti from when the more creative pirates got bored, but it did all the work for them and it never got a single share of the loot.

On R2-Q5’s last job with the space pirates, it was ordered to open the hatch on an abandoned imperial landing craft. As the gang was lifting the goods, another imperial ship showed up and nearly caught them. The pirates were left with a load of extremely hot goods and possible bounties on their heads. They couldn’t dump their haul, because that practically begged for a death sentence from Attila, and none of them had any idea who would take the clearly stolen imperial goods.

The gang docked on Tatooine to lay low and consider their options. While everyone was out, R2 fenced the goods to some clueless Trandoshans and used part of the money to buy passage to Alderaan, making it as obvious as possible that it was fleeing from Tatooine. After the pirates took off to chase the decoy vessel, R2 stowed away on a ship headed for Entralla. It used the rest of the money to upgrade its parts from the salvage it was originally built from and get a more discreet black and gray paint job.


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