Marek Quay

Imperial Security Bureau Agent


Sector Ranger for the Anoat System. His dark eyes don’t hide his very gruff and down-to-business personality. He is the classic grizzled law-enforcement officer. He is straightforward and tends to not beat around the bush.

Marek Quay was revealed to be an ISB agent when he betrayed the party on Vanqor and took them prisoner aboard the Valiant. While the party escaped the Valiant, Marek Quay was left alive, and was none too happy about the crew’s escape. It’s likely that he carries a grudge and may be seen again.

The crew of the Noculent encountered the Valiant and Marek Quay again as they escaped from the Star of Morning, but were able to make the jump to Hyperspace safely.

Months later, after extracting Elia Artes from Etti IV, the Noculent again had to attempt to evade the ISB agent’s Star Destroyer. While there ship took damage, it looked like the crew would again escape, but as they prepared to jump out of the system a larger Imperial Star Destroyer and an Interdictor cruiser reverted to realspace directly in front of them, ensuring that they would become Quay’s prisoners again.

Marek Quay

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