Juris Varga

Human Mechanic/Slicer


Juris is about 5’8" with short brown hair and green eyes. He has a scrawny build and more comfortable behind a workbench than a blaster.


Juris grew up on Corellia. From a very young age he had an obsession with droids. He spent a lot of time “modifying” droids in his community.

Juris came from a fairly rich family and spent his time tinkering around with his family’s droids, to the point where he did little else. This ranged from adding “improvements” to dismantling and reassembling. By the time he reached his early 20s, Juris had made no attempt at striking out on his own, content to spend all of his time in his room tinkering. His parents got fed up with their droids not functioning as intended and kicked him out insisting that he do something with his life and that they wouldn’t support him anymore. He ended up going from workshop to workshop trying to get work, but his social inadequacies made this extremely difficult. He finally got a job as a ships mechanic for a trade vessel travelling to the outer rim. While on this job he had even more difficulties relating to the rest of the crew and they pretty much avoided him. After some questionable modifications were made to the ship’s protocol droid, the crew decided that Juris wasn’t a great fit and left him stranded on Entralla. It was there that he found employment working for Begas Tok. But even Begas Tok couldn’t tolerate Juris’s awkwardness and pawned him off with the Noculent. Determined not to be left behind again, Juris has decided to redouble his effort to find a crew that he can belong to, however he can still be drawn off mission by the chance to tinker with a droid.

Juris Varga

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