Gand Scout


This Gand was to be a great reader of the mists, but fate would keep this Gand from being one. On this Gand’s first trial of finding this Gand was to find an outsider that had broken Gand law.

Ragoul, this Gand’s findsmen mentor, helped this gand interpret the mists to find his quarry. This Gand stalked the wilds of the methane mists to find this Gand’s prey. It took days and many reading, but this Gand was able to hunt the wookiee beast to his clever hiding hole.

It was this Gand’s foolishness that this Gand decided to catch the wookiee beast himself. After a bloody battle this Gand stood over the body of his quarry. However, when the law enforcement arrived it was misunderstood that this Gand had murdered the wookiee.

In a panic this Gand fled from Gand in hopes that he would not be pursued. This Gand knew that Gands do not like to leave Gand. This Gand hoped that this Gand would not be pursued.


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