Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Trouble Brewing

Sup girl?

Part 1
After a few weeks of rest the crew got back into the swing of things with a simple delivery job for Begas Tok. Take water to Formos, deliver it to a human named Frint, and get out with out causing too much trouble. Sure. That’s possible.

Arriving in Formos Spaceport, the crew discovered the wiry man, Frint, already waiting for them. He took the shipment of water, thanked the crew, told them they could get some refreshment at Rii Jenks’ Cantina, then bolted. Although Frint was odd, the crew members had completed their job and were excited to grab a drink or two, before heading back to Entralla. Making their way through the congested thoroughfares of Formos Spaceport, the crew was struck by the aridity of Formos. This must be why the cool desert world would need imported water. At the intersection of an alleyway and busy street, the crew met Mama Nobah, a water vendor, with the “lowest prices on Formos.” Her prices were indeed low, and R2-Q5 (for some reason) bought two jars. They then continued towards Rii Jenks’ Cantina, but soon met a Tritonite missionary proclaiming the glory of Gactimus. As they grew closer to the cantina, the sound of a metallic voice was heard from a nearby alley. Investigating, Juris and Gand discovered a dismembered protocol droid in a trash compactor. The droid introduced himself as F9-B8, and told a tale of being attacked and left for dead over a day ago by humans who droidnapped his companion, an astromech, named R4-W9. He told them that both he and R4-W9 were manumitted by their previous owner on her deathbed, and had spent the past few years traveling the Outer Rim. R4 in particular had spent much time mapping the nearby Kessel Run and had accumulated possibly the most detailed and accurate astrogational information for the dangerous smuggler’s run. Juris and R2 collected all of B8’s pieces and took them back to The Noculent so Juris could attempt to save the droid at a later time.

Meanwhile, Gand and Verk proceeded on to the cantina. Upon entry they immediately saw a bounty notice for an Aqualish named Bandin Nobah. After ordering drinks and some inquiry into Dobah, a Devaronian approached and introduced himself as Snoo, an information broker.He provided the two with information about Bandin Dobah and even a Rodian bounty hunter who had been in looking for Dobah recently.

While, Gand and Verk got information from Snoo, Juris and R2 were making there way back towards Rii Jenks’ Cantina. On the way they observed some shady looking individuals loading goods onto a speeder down a side street. When questioned, these men told the man and droid to mind their own business. They continued on and arrived at the cantina as Snoo was finishing telling the others what he knew.

Soon a young rodian woman entered and approached the bar. Gand, taking an interest, went over and offered to buy her a drink. As Gand asked the young woman, Zukata, about herself the doors to the cantina swung open revealing three arrogant looking men, two human and one wee-quay. They swaggered in and made their way to the bar. The younger and smaller of the humans, noticing Zukata, began attempting to ingratiate himself with the rodian. Despite her obvious discomfort at his advances, the man continued until Verk stepped in and made it known that he was over stepping. The young man, who Verk had heard called Spir, looked as if he wanted to escalate the confrontation, but after a subtle shake of the head from the older human, backed down. The three then quickly finished their drinks and left the cantina.

Gand then continued talking to Zukata, learning as much about he as possible. She had left Rodia on a surveying mission. Her task was to get accurate and up to date information for inclusion in a rodian atlas of Hutt Space for use by bounty hunters. After some coy mentions of the rodian hunter the crew had learned about from Snoo, she admitted that he was her brother, Godon Nekatta, and had most likely gone after Dobah alone. During the conversation, Verk noticed a toydarian eavesdropping and when confronted the small alien grinned sheepishly and made his way toward the door. Verk, Juris, and R2 pursued stealthily, while Gand remained behind with Zukata.

Successfully tracking the toydarian to a small warehouse, Verk glimpsed the older human from earlier in the doorway. He crept forward to get a look into the building and overheard the toydarian telling the man, who he called Daro, that the crew was asking about Dobah and that the Rodian girl was Godon’s sister. Daro then told his men to get ready. They were going hunting.

Verk radioed Gand over his commlink and let him know that he was going to have company. Then covered R2 while the little droid broke into the warehouse. The safe house contained a number of couches and cargo cases, most of which were empty. R2 did find a locker that when opened contained 235 credits.

Juris, however, was elated to discover R4-W9 in one corner. Once he had removed the restraining bolt, the little droid told of his capture. R2 was able to access a computer that had been attached to the R4 unit, discovering coordinates for a small cluster of asteroids nearby and also a file named “Pass,” that when opened emitted a binary jumble of numbers.

Meanwhile, Gand had escorted Zukata to a nearby rooftop to await the smugglers he had been warned about. After a short wait, the group of 7 men approached the cantina. When they discovered the crew was gone, they spread out to search the surrounding warehouses.

Back at the warehouse, Verk realized that Gand would need help, so he sent Juris and R2 to see R4-W9 to The Noculent safely, then hurried back to the Cantina. Verk and Gand coordinated their attack and opened fire at precisely the same time, dropping two of the smugglers immediately. The others scattered and returned fire. Juris and R2 arrived just in time to swing the battle their way, providing the support needed to finish off the last of the assailants.

As the whine of the last blaster bolt faded, the sound of heavy boots could be heard in the distance and the crew knew it must be Imperial Navy Troopers coming to “maintain the peace.” Quickly searching the bodies and grabbing what they could in the time allowed the crew made a break for the space docks.

Once aboard The Noculent, the crew was able to take a moment to breathe. They now have in tow, a rodian girl in search of her brother and two droids, one of which is apparently vengeful and insisting that the crew help him pay back Dobah and his men. Add to that the fact that they just blasted 7 of his men and it seems the crew really only has one choice at this point: Bring down Bandin Dobah. Or die trying.


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