Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Star of Morning Part 2: The Escape!

With the arrival of the Imperials, the crew knew they needed to work quickly to acquire the target and escape. Gand began scanning communications frequencies to provide information to the party, while Juris abandoned his mission to disable the hyperdrive and began making his way toward the three crew members already attempting to steal the contents of Dr. Nara Kaylack‘s safebox. At the secure storage facility, Verk, Tran, and R2-Q5 were in,the midst of talking their way past the facility’s administrator. With a quick bit of slicing, R2 was able to adjust the facility’s records to appear that Verk was actually Dr. Kaylack. This, combined with the safebox receipt and access codes, convinced the administrator to show them to Dr. Kaylack’s box. After opening the safebox and removing the machine it contained, Verk heard the tell tale signs of an argument from the main lobby. He quietly approached the doorway, and observed four rough looking men accosting the administrator. As he made his way back to Tran and R2, blaster fire erupted from behind him.

Juris, who was approaching the secure facility at this time, arrived just in time to see the men gun down the guards, and two begin making their way toward the back with the administrator. The two heading in to the back were halfway to the, now empty, safebox, when R2 and Tran opened fire. Taking his cue, Juris opened fire on the two still in the lobby. After a quick, but noisy, encounter the thieves were all dead. The crew had suffered a few injuries, but knew to get moving quickly before more security officers began to arrive.

Making their way through the Star of Morning, the crew encountered numerous security patrols that they were able to either sneak or talk their way past. Gand commed to say that the Imperials were looking for Dr. Kaylack, and that there wasn’t much time before they knew what was happening. As the crew attempted to call a turbolift to take them to the hangar bay level, they discovered that they had been locked down ship wide. R2 attempted to slice his way in and open the lift unsuccessfully, alerting security to his presence at the same time. The crew then tried to use a nearby stairwell, but found it blocked by two Imperial stormtroopers. When they were unable to talk their way past the troopers, the crew decided to try their luck with maintenance tunnels. Unfortunately, by this time the imperials had discovered who was responsible for the theft and firefight at the secure storage facility. They were spotted by a squad of Stormtroopers as they were inches away from a tunnel access point. Not wanting to engage the highly trained Imperials, the crew attempted to escape and cover their trail with a few grenades. Unfortunately, in the chaos, the accuracy of the grenade throws was sub-par. The stormtroopers were able to get off two devastating salvos before an accidental hit on the maintenance tunnel’s hatch terminal went critical causing a small explosion and providing the necessary distraction Juris and Verk needed to get their highly injured friends away.

When the crew arrived at their hangar they saw it guarded by two stormtroopers. Catching the troopers unprepared Tran injured one and the other was forced to grab his ally and drag him into the bay before returning fire. This, however, left them both exposed to Gand’s sniper rifle from atop the Noculent. he made quick work of the two troopers and ushered his friends aboard. He then blasted the ship out of the hangar, ensuring to keep the Star of Morning between the Noculent and the two Imperial cruisers, although six TIE fighters were in hot pursuit. As the Noculent was putting distance between itself and the Imps the comm crackled and the voice of Marek Quay greeted them and ordered them to stand down. The crew continued to flee of course, and with some excellent flying by Gand, some sharp shooting by Juris and Verk, was able to escape, albeit with some severe damage to the Noculent due to a few collisions with TIE fighters.

After jumping to hyperspace, the crew was able to lick it’s wounds and heal up a bit on the way back to Entralla. They also had a bit of time to get a better look at the device they had stolen. Juris and R2, working together, discovered that this might in fact be a prototype cloaking device small enough to fit on ships as small as a snub fighter. Something like this would be incredibly valuable. Upon arrival Begas Tok was overjoyed at the successful mission. True to his word, he wiped the rest of their debt clean, and in an uncharacteristic moment of generosity gave the crew an additional 20k credits. He encouraged the crew to repair their ship, and said if they were ever in need of work to come see him.

Now, the crew of the Noculent is free and clear, able to work for themselves, take whatever jobs they want, go wherever they want to go. And with a new ally, who proved he wasn’t entirely inept, they may be able to actually negotiate some good rates in the future.


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