Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Hump Day

How do you shoot with a camel toe?

Verk’s Log:
My eyes darted about keeping track of my target, also making sure I wouldn’t be noticed. The sun glared directly into my vision obscuring the droid as I followed. He was quick, but I was quicker. I knew that he would be tough to follow. He was a top tier war machine droid. I’d heard horror stories about them in my early huntin’ days. I knew that if I wasn’t careful I was sure as dead. Things were still going to plan and that’s when I saw it. The droid rapidly approached his tier one scordo venom land speeder. One of the fastest land speeders on the market today. I knew I had to think fast. I quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out one of my sticky tracking beacons. I hurled onto the back of his speeder as soon as he started it up. Silly droid didn’t even notice. As he sped off I nonchalantly pulled out a death stick. I lit it and calmly thought to myself; I got you now, bitch.

My team slowly caught up to me as I had locked in on his location. They weren’t exactly the most skilled bunch, but they’re my crew and I’ll fight til the end with them. We tailed him all the way back to some warehouses. I knew that his speeder had an incineration function. And if I knew anything about war machine droids, he was sure to use it. I quickly climbed my way up onto a nearby building and fixed my gaze onto the droid as he was heading to another warehouse. I notified the crew and jumped my way down. His speeder was long gone by now, definitely incinerated. I stealthily followed him into the nearby warehouse and his whole team was waiting for us. I quickly dispatched the two war machines with well placed blast rounds. The third and fourth were a bit more tricky to take down. With some minor aid from my team I was able to sweep the field of them as well. That left us with only one enemy, the camel man. When I stepped into his office I found my mechanic where he usually is, in the corner whimpering. The Gand doing the same. I knew it was up to me to stop him at this point. I fired off a few warning shots and he surrendered immediately. The camel knew I wasn’t here to play games.

As I put the binders on him and got the rest of the team back in order, a smile crossed my face. I had somehow forgotten how good the thrill of a hunt was. It was good to be fully back in action, rounding up some scum for a few extra creds.


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