Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Danger Zone

I'm gonna take you, right into the...

As I see the Mechanic Juris pursue the Gand and Smuggler, I figure no better time then to feed my addiction.


Feeling more focused and energetic now. I haven’t been the same since I lost control of my life, feeling like a puppet, carrying out actions against my will. Either way it felt good to keep my mind off such things with any good “Nip” I could come across. Best part of it was that I sometimes hallucinated doves during blaster fights. I thought it was odd at first but began to love it.

As we come around the corner we find both the Gand and Smuggler both lying on the ground. We can see the Smuggler still breathing but we weren’t sure how to tell if the Gand was alive or not. Choosing to Stim we did discover he wasn’t dead….but slightly aroused…

We step back and discover that they were caught in a trap that triggered. The R2 unit scans for other traps and similar traps are up ahead. We have to yell at the gungho mechanic to stop before he triggers it. After the traps disabled we continue down this long winding hallway and eventually end up at a sealed door. R2 does his work unlocks the door. We slowly open the door and its pitch black, except for the light coming out from the door on the other side of the room.

As blaster firing starts coming we spot a speeder take off towards an opening hanger door. To stay in pursuit of the target, or be douches I’m not sure, but the Mechanic and Lan jump on a speeder and take off after him. Didn’t really bother me too much since it was just 4 guys for me and R2 to take care of. We exchange fire and we’re both taking hits. R2 drops and as he does 2 of the 4 guys take off on a land speeder out the door. I slide behind R2 and pep myself up. sniiifff lucky for me I keep a stash in a compartment attached to my scope….doves appear and the guys are down. Must of been me that did it.

The Mechanic and Lan come back with 2 speeders and with Krawlus. They began to explain what happened but their voices were all warped. An obvious effect of whatever I had in my scope…I couldn’t even remember anymore.

We discover that Baron Kaldo was putting up funds and for deliveries to Centerpoint. The smuggler doesn’t know more then that. We cut him loose in good faith…he seemed geniune. Krawlus was next on our agenda. The bastard tries to commit suicide with some poison he had stashed in a fake tooth…he wasn’t very helpful. So we ended up just tossing him into “Lightning Alley” and activating the traps, so he was stuck there. We started to hear some people talking so we just jumped on those speeders and took off…Thank god cause I need to call my dealer now that we got some more coin coming our way


After taking a quick breath to apply stimpacks, Juris, Lan, Tran, Verk, and R2 followed Gand down the corridor in pursuit of Denack Kralsh. Juris rounded a corner and nearly tripped over the prone form of the gand. Up ahead a few meters he could see the smuggler also lying on the ground. They were both alive, and after a quick search Juris discovered an ion blast wall trap. When R2 arrived he scanned the corridor ahead and found the electrical signs of second armed trap another 100m down the tunnel. Verk stayed behind to tend to Gand and the smuggler as the group slowly approached the secondary trap. With the combined efforts of Juris, Lan, and R2 they managed to disarm the device and continue on.

After another 300 meters, the crew came to a closed and locked door. Juris immediately “checked for traps” by pressing the door release, but nothing happened. Lan and R2 then set to combining their ample expertise and had the door open within seconds. The door opened to a darkened room. Their eyes had trouble adjusting because 30 meters across the room another door was opening, allowing in a widening sliver of moonlight. Lan plunged into the dark room and threw himself to the right behind a stack of crates just as a volley of blaster fire peppered the doorway. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed that the room was actually a slightly cavernous hangar stocked with two landspeeders and two airspeeders. One of which was breaking for the opening hangar door opposite him. Despite the heavy barrage of blaster fire, Lan and Juris ran as fast as they could toward the remaining airspeeder in hopes of giving pursuit.

As Lan powered up the CAV-11 airspeeder, Tran and R2 engaged the remaining guards in a lightfight. It did not go very well for them. Despite a powerful blast from the droid that destroyed multiple crates, the 4 guards were able to disable R2 with a few well placed carbine shots. Tran, seeing his metallic friend fall, stood and dropped two of the guards with well placed shots. The other two ran for one of the landspeeders and blasted out of the hangar door. Tran ran to R2 and did what he could for the droid to get him operational again. Verk, dragging the unconscious forms of both Gand and the smuggler finally joined his allies in the hangar.

Meanwhile, Land and Juris had blasted out in pursuit of the airspeeder, that could only be piloted by Kralsh. Lan spent a few long, agonizing seconds accelerating the speeder, then when he was pushing it at top speed, he reached under the control panel, pulled a few wires, and the speeder rocketed forward. He pushed the speeder faster than it’s designers probably had in mind, but he had a job to do. The extra boost allowed him to quickly close the distance to Kralsh. While they closed, Juris scanned the enemy speeder and discovered what it was capable of. As they pulled up behind Kralsh, Lan recognized the craft as a Defender 5E Personal Defense Speeder. “That thing has an emergency escape speeder bike on the rear,” he shouted back to Juris. Using this new knowledge they opened fire. Lan targeted the Escape Speeder and with a precision strike that probably surprised even him, the control vane disintegrated. The resulting explosion caused the bike to detach from the airspeeder, then plummet the 10 km to the ground below. Immediately following the explosion Juris fired a shot from the ion turret. A direct hit! The lightning of ion energy washed over the enemy craft causing some systems to temporarily blink and flash. In retaliation Kralsh extended his speeder’s retractable blaster turret and lined up a shot. But instead of a beam of deadly energy lancing out toward the CAV-11 the Defender’s blaster turret exploded in a blinding flare of sparks. Apparently the damage caused by the two shots had caused the turret to malfunction. Lan, seeing this development, ordered Kralsh to land or be shot down. Kralsh wisely headed for the ground below.

Once on the ground, Kralsh exited his ship with his good hand up. Juris, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, walked up behind him and tried to stun him. Of course, he missed. Kralsh then roared about betrayal and swung around at the Corellian. Lan, with exasperation evident in his eyes, coldly stunned the big man. He then dragged him into the working airspeeder and headed back toward the hangar where they had left their friends.

After confirming that all of the crew was still alive, they woke Kralsh and began to interrogate him. However, the big man was still difficult to deal with, and he attempted to end his own life using a concealed killtab he had hidden in his mouth. Luckily, or unluckily, Lan saw what was happening and was able to stop him from swallowing most of the toxin.
About this time the smuggler was coming to, and the crew took advantage of his drowsy state to pump him for information. They learned that his name was Faris Hava and he had been at the monastery for four days waiting for Kralsh to provide a “shipment” for Hava’s boss, Baron Kaldo. He let slip that Kaldo was from Centerpoint Station in the Correllian System. He didn’t know what the shipment was supposed to be or why Kaldo had helped fund this project. Hava was obviously just a man doing a job. Like the crew. They let him go and he promised he would remember this act of generosity and mercy.

The crew then headed back toward the Command Center, but upon arriving found it full of more of Kralsh’s men. Realizing they were in no shape to confront the group, they headed back toward the emergency hangar and made their way back to Landru City. They then delivered Kralsh to a constable station along with a copy of the incriminating evidence about him and the Community Development Project he had run. Shortly thereafter they heard of a police raid on the monastery, and the arrest of many of Kralsh’s men along with Dr. Ranna Pell. The crew then rented a berth for the CAV-11 airspeeder they had acquired and departed Danteel for Iso-One.

Arriving at Iso-One, Reom told them he could get them 22.5k credits for the airspeeder. The crew agreed and offered to count their pay for the previous job as his cut of the sale. He agreed, then sold the ship. He was also happy to tell you that the Z-95 for Lan, and the gear for Verk and Gand had arrived, along with the modification for the Noculent that he had promised them.

The crew then sat back to rest, recover, and plan for what to do next.

Danger Zone
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