Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Child's Play

Maki Chandra: Good evening, I’m Maki Chandra…

Del Anin: And I’m Del Anin. This is Landru City Nightly News.

MC: Tonight’s top story… Teenage Massacre in Loading Bay 283! Six are dead after a firefight broke out earlier today in the warehouse district of Landru City. Five of deceased were only 18 years or younger. The entire confrontation was captured on one of the warehouse’s security cameras.

DA: I must warn you, the footage you are about to see is both graphic and violent. Viewer discretion is advised.

on the screen

A human looks away from the cargo being loaded and walks toward the edge of the screen blaster drawn. The camera angle changes to show 7 figures dive for cover as blaster fire streams toward them from off screen. The camera changes again. A gand raises his rifle and takes a shot, followed by a bothan and an armored figure raising their weapons and firing. The camera changes to a wider angle that shows the entire warehouse, just as one of the figures stands up from behind cover only to be shot in the chest. Blaster fire destroys the little cover there is and another of the figure’s shoulder explodes in a bloody mess as it’s hit by a slug-thrower. Another figure that looks like a twilek is pelted with more energy bolts and falls limp to the ground. The tallest figure makes a run for one of the cargo speeders and jumps into the driver’s seat. The remaining three figures return fire and make their way to the second cargo speeder trying to stay in cover. The taller figure starts to drive away but an energy bolt hits one of the front repulsors and the front of the speeder falls to the ground and sends the driver spilling out on to the ground. As he tries to stand, the armored figure raises his slug-thrower, and the tall figures head snaps back, gushing blood out the back of its head. The remaining three take off in the cargo speeder amid a shower of blaster fire. A human quickly runs after the speeder and manages to jump on the back of it, firing at the driver and passengers all the while. The driver is hit in the back of the head and slumps forward. As the speeder slows to a stop, one of the passengers is also shot and the remaining one takes off running, narrowly escaping being shot in the back. The aggressors run after in pursuit and the feed ends.

MC: We take you live to Jianna Tavers who is speaking to Theal Hedint, the father of one of the victims. Jianna?

Jianna Tavers: Mr Hedint, can you tell us about what happened today?

Theal Hedint is clearly in shock

Theal Hedint: Five… A group of five came to my door… The big one in armor… He had my Larna…

JT: Larna is your daughter?

TH: They came in and set her down on the table… my little girl… They kept asking me questions about her… said she had been shot… wanted to know about the youth program that she was involved with…

JT: The one run by Denal Kralsh?


Theal Hedint breaks down into angry sobs

JT: Mr. Hedint, we are truly sorry for your loss. Maki… Del… back to you.


Juris looks up from his data pad. From his hiding place he can see Verk and the others casing the monastery that serves as Denal Kralsh’s “youth program.” He looks up at B-M0, “Well… This could be trouble…”


Sent by Reom to Landru City on Danteel with a shipment of neural interfaces, the crew had made an uneventful trip and was in the midst of supervising the unloading of the cargo, when a few of the crew noticed a bunch of nondescript thugs sneaking into Cargo Bay 28. Lan decided to just walk right up to them and ask who they were, but as soon as they realized he was coming their way they opened fire. The crew and six of the thugs exchanged deadly fire, but the thugs were sorely outclassed and suffered heavy casualties very quickly under the sustained fire of Gand, Verk, Tran, and Lan.

While the lightfight was happening, the seventh thug made for one of the two landspeeders that had been loaded with neural interfaces. As he jumped into the drivers seat of the cargo speeder and attempted to gun it, the forward repulsorlift malfunctioned and dropped the front end of the speeder to the ground; ejecting the thug at the same time. “Must have been a Bad Motivator,” yelled Juris. Undeterred, the thug jumped to his feet as his allies renewed their fire against the crew, then made his way to the other, still functioning cargo speeder. As he climbed in, he barely avoided being entangled in Gand’s net, but the distraction, combined with Lan’s near misses caused him to again fall from the speeder. This time he wouldn’t have the chance to try again, as Verk put a round from his slugthrower into the man’s back.

The three remaining thugs made a hasty charge for the speeder and were able to get it moving and get some cover from the crates while continuing to fire at the crew. Juris, in a heroic and uncharacteristic twist, ran forward and jumped aboard the speeder. Unfortunately, he lost his balance on the speeding craft and fell prone between a stack of crates and the sidewall. As the thugs sped away, Gand and Verk concentrated fire and killed the driver and one of the other thugs. The decelerating craft and Lan’s fire caused the final thug to be thrown from the craft, but he was able to escape the starport and become lost in the crowd on the street. Neither Gand or Juris could locate him.

Back in the docking bay, as the port workers were coming out of cover, the crew began looking closely at the dead thieves. It was quickly apparent that the majority of the attackers were adolescents, all younger than eighteen. The one exception was the man who had initially attempted to steal the cargo. He looked to be about thirty. Verk also noticed that the street thug clothing they wore looked to be relatively new, but were artificially distressed and aged. On the older man they found a datapad. Once Juris had cracked the encryption a message was found dated that morning that read: Carnet, Take command of unit 42c. Activation signal: 46872. Proceed to docking bay 28 of Landru City starport. Recover the cargo of the freighter docked there, then return to base. This is an obscured mission. Juris also backtracked the origin point to a monastery about 25 kilometers east of Landru City. As Juris worked, one of the locals recognized one of the dead thugs as Larna, the daughter of a local shopkeeper named Theal Hedint. He suggested you at the very least tell Theal what happened to his daughter.

Gand carefully and respectfully prepared Larna’s body and they set off for Theal’s home. When the crew presented her to him he was incredibly distraught and demanded to know what happened. The crew managed to cover their involvement with some delicate wording, but asked if Theal had noticed anything odd about his daughter recently. He told them that she was totally fine and normal, and had actually been very happy because of an Imperial youth improvement program she had volunteered for a few months ago. This program, led by Denack Kralsh, was intended to introduce at-risk youth to the skills that could benefit their community; leadership, human relations, conflict resolution, statistics, needs assessment, oral communication, etc. He insisted that it had been incredibly enjoyable for Larna and that she had learned many valuable things. Although Theal didn’t have much monetarily, he offered to pay whatever he could spare if the crew could find out what happened to her and why she may have fallen in with these criminals.

Taking some time to ask around, Tran learned that many of the local teens were participants in the program at the monastery, but no one really knew much about Kralsh. Deciding to investigate the monastery the crew rented a transport and made their way east. Arriving in the late afternoon, Gand crawled forward to scout it out. Through his rifle scope he saw the main monastery compound, pre-fab portable barracks, a vehicle depot, and several walled in areas. As he visually scanned past the walled in areas, he thought he saw the telltale sign of blaster fire from within. The grounds were not heavily patrolled, but the crew decided to wait until full dark, before attempting to approach the monastery itself.

Following Verk’s lead the crew stealthily slipped past the barracks to the main gate of the monastery. The lone sentry was close to drifting off, and never noticed Verk sneak up behind him and put him down with a powerful sleeper hold. Then, under the agile fingers of Lan, the ancient mechanical lock fell away and the crew stepped into the dark monastery…

Child's Play
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