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Beyond the Rim Episode 3 Part 3

Imperial Interruption

Not quite the way I expected things to end, but I’ve got no complaints. Stacks of credits, the Imperials chasing their own tails, and a route set to Corellia. Not bad.

When we landed on the junk planet, I’d not expected we’d survive. Especially after the Rodians attacked. But our man was as good as his word and paid us handsomely. And when the Imperials attacked, we were all in. Everyone helped out, even the mechanic. Was actually worth losing the glove. We cleared guns, got targeting systems back online, and were able to make a break for it.

Even got a bit of a firefight once we broke atmo. Very nice. Nothing like flying in space to let you know who’s who. And I’ve got to admit, it felt good to test myself against the Imperials again. Not the same as being in a fighter, but it’ll do. I’ve always preferred flying to shooting anyway.

And now, Corellia, I suppose. I didn’t catch exactly why we’re going, but that’s alright by me. We’re rich, and I guess after all we’ve been through, I’m starting to consider these people my friends. Not a bad thing at all.

-Lan Greyson


While meeting with Reom, the comm buzzed and Norta warned of a patrol of TIE fighters searching the area. They obviously knew Scrapheap Point was hear and were determined to find it. It was only a matter of time. Reom asked for the crew’s help, promising to make it worth their while. He revealed that the Blockade Bandit was actually very close to being flyable. It needed a handful of repairs to get it out of the junk and away from Raxus Prime. The main issues were the Sublight engines and the repulsorlift power levels. Juris and R2 volunteered to help the IsoTech engineers get the Bandit running. Juris got the repulsorlift power stable then began work on one of the sublight engines, while R2 tackled a failing power coupling.

Verk and Tran were tasked with climbing topside and adjusting two of the escape charges that would allow the Bandit to liftoff. They carefully climbed through the junk covering the corvette and spent about a dozen minutes readjusting and repairing the misaligned charges.

Meanwhile, Gand took it upon himself to clear out the debris that blocked the Distribution Bay corridor, preventing a malfunctioning door to be closed. Unkowingly calling upon his heightened force senses, he quickly directed the work crew in the most efficient and safe way to clear the rubble in about 5 minutes. He then spent 15 minutes welding the malfunctioning door closed to allow takeoff.

Lan, hearing a turbolaser actuator was jammed in debris, climbed out of the ship and began carefully fiddling with and rotating the gun to clear it. After about ten minutes, he had freed the cannon, restoring full range of motion.

At the other end of the base, near the landing alcoves, a troop shuttle landed and a squadron of stormtroopers disembarked, led by an ISB supervisor. Lan, Tran, and Verk all made their way to intercept them, realizing that if the Imperials gained a foothold in Scrapheap Point their friends would be unable to have the time needed to repair the Bandit. They quickly arrived at Alcove 1 and a vicious firefight erupted between the crew and their IsoTech backup and the stormtroopers.

During the engine repairs, R2 made a mistake causing one of the power couplers to arc, injuring two techs. The injured were taken to the medbay, where Gand was able to administer the medical help required to stabilize them.

Despite a few errors, R2 and Juris continued to make good progress and finished repairing a 7th engine. Knowing the corvette would need an eighth engine to hit top speed, Juris threw everyone available into a haphazard and rushed repair, hoping the quick work would be enough.

Gand then made his way to Alcove 2 to check on The Noculent. Discovering it was safe, he moved on to Gand and began the engine startup sequence. Simultaneously, Lan, Verk, and Tran were mopping up the initial stormtrooper squad. They were then informed that 3 more troop shuttles were minutes away from landing at Scrapheap Point. The three rushed to The Noculent, intending to intercept the troop shuttle. Verk and Tran manned the turrets while Lan rushed to the cockpit. He attempted a risky cold-start of the engine, which was initially unsuccessful, but he was more than familiar with this ship now and a quick thump of a side panel sent the necessary signal and the ship came alive with a roar.

Juris and R2 told their crew there was still work to be done, to take off and they would meet up at the rendezvous point. Reom could wait no longer and began igniting the charges to release the Bandit.

The Noculent and Gand erupted from their landing alcoves. Gand aimed his ship skyward, while Lan, hoping to slow the shuttles, performed a daring maneuver. He swooped The Noculent low over the toxic lake creating a curtain of sludge that hampered the shuttles ability to fly and return fire. Verk and Tran then opened fire on the lead shuttle, damaging it slightly. Then the TIEs were among them, swooping and firing at Gand and The Noculent. The three shuttles wanting no part of the powerful freighters made directly for the landing alcoves and began unloading their heavily armed stormtroopers.

As the ships tangled with the TIEs, they could see the charges exploding and the Bandit emerging from the junk that had buried it for years. On board the corvette, Juris and R2 found themselves in charge of again repairing the engine that had erupted in black smoke during the dangerous liftoff.

Thanks to superior flying and accurate shooting three TIEs were vaped before the three escaping ships began their ascent towards the atmosphere and the two waiting Imperial System Patrol craft in their escape vector.

Knowing they were no match for the two ships, Reom ordered a run at top speed to escape the gravity well of Raxus Prime. Unfortunately that would still take about a minute. A long, punishing minute that the Imperials would use to their advantage. The Imperial ships opened fire with concussion missiles at maximum range, inflicting a small amount of damage to the bandit. As the seconds slowly ticked down until the jump could be made, Juris finally repaired the final engine, putting them 20 seconds closer to jumping out of the system and to safety.

While the guns of The Noculent and Gand were mostly ineffectual, they helped to provide a distraction and focused fire on one of the Patrol craft. While the Bandit took punishing hits from both Imperial ships, she concentrated her fire on the same ship the freighters were harassing, slowly wearing down shields and vaporizing bits of hull. R2, taking advantage of the superior systems on the corvette, was able to spoof an incoming volley of concussion missiles from the undamaged patrol craft, causing them to lose then reacquire their target lock. Miraculously, the missiles locked onto the second, damaged patrol craft, completely collapsing the port shields. Lan, seeing this spectacularly devastating hit, pointed out the unprotected area to both his gunners and the gunners aboard the Bandit. The concentrated fire from all three smaller ships left huge swaths of destruction on the crafts hull. A final blast from the Bandit punched through the Imperial hull, coring it and exposing vitals areas to vacuum. As the crippled ship slowly drifted behind, the second Imperials fired a final barrage and abandoned pursuit.

The small independent fleet quickly escaped the gravity well and made the jump to the safety and peacefulness of hyperspace.

A few hours later, they dropped out of hyperspace. The view that greeted them was surprising, a single monstrous bulk freighter. Reom explained that this was Iso-One. He hoped that this would soon become the center of his mobile operations and now it looks that time is now. It still required lots of work, but they’ll manage. He thanked you again for all of your help and invited you to land aboard Iso-One_. Once aboard, he offered the services of the medical bays and technical stations. He also offered to upgrade the ship and gave you a number of choices to choose from. The injured Gand who was found on Cholganna was put in a bacta tank, and upon his recovery thanked _Content Not Found: gand for saving him and his ship. He promised to take word of Gand’s bravery and sacrifice back to the home world.

Now, the crew can rest and relax before determining what to do next.

Beyond the Rim Episode 3 Part 3
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