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Beyond the Rim Episode 3 Part 2

It's not over yet!

Sometime after the chaos the crew of the noculent rests. Gand sits in cockpit of Gand and is in a deep meditation. He is startled awake by the sound of an incoming Holo Message. Gand switches on the communicater and an image of Gand appears.

Gand: Ah Gand, it has been too long.
Gand: Greetings Gand, I have received your messages that you have found a Gand that needs to be returned home.
Gand: Yes Gand, Gand and his ship Gand were lost in a jungle world. Luckily Gand and the Crew of the Noculent arrived in time to save him.
Gand: I see, but it looks like Gand is the one that needs saving. Where did Gand get those blaster wounds?
Gand: Gand thought that he could trust a particular individual, but humans are fickle friends. Would Gand have time to talk and hear Gand’s story?
Gand: Considering the time since Gand and Gand have talked it would be welcomed.
Gand: To begin, while resting after a long mission the crew of the Noculent met with mercenaries disguised as traders.
Gand: Gand assumes the mercenaries did not want to trade.
Gand: The only thing traded were baster bolts, but the mists where with the crew of the Noculent and the crew was able to easily dispatch the mercenaries.
Gand: That is fortunate for Gand.
Gand: Yes Gand, but at the same time the Mechanic had trapped himself in the Noculent and was under attack by yet more Mercenaries.
Gand: The Mechanic must either be brave or incompetent.
Gand: Yes, but luckly the Pilot had captured an airspeeder and we quickly made our way to save him.
Gand: Did the mechanic survive.
Gand: Yes, the Pilot and Gand were able to quickly dispatch his attackers, but the Mechanic in a panic shot Gand.
Gand: Was Gand wounded badly?
Gand: No, Gand was able to shrug off the attack and save the Mechanic. Afterwards Gand made sure to check on Gand and Gand to make sure that neither were damaged. Next the crew of the Noculent made their way deeper into the complex to help the crew of the Noculents employer.
Gand: As any good Gand team would do.
Gand: Exactly, these aliens have adapted well. Moving through the complex we encountered many more Mercenaries and dispatched of them all easily. One group in particular was a group of trandosen mercenaries that sought to blow up a group of scientists and medical droids.
Gand: Now Gand is just showing off.
Gand: Apologies Gand, Gand had gotten caught up in the movement, but to finish the story Gand and the Crew of the Noculent were able to save their employers along with others like Gand.
Gand: Well it is good to know Gand is well and awaits to hear of the return of Gand.



For those who can’t follow a conversation between insane gand:

After returning to Scrapheap point, the crew began work repairing the hyperdrive. A few hours later, Norta returned and asked if they wanted to check out a group of Jawa scavenger skiffs that were pulling into Alcove 2. The thought of more gear and droid parts got all but Juris (who was still repairing the Noculent) to go check it out. When the crew arrived in Alcove 2 all but Verk immediately noticed that something was off with the oversized Jawas. Gand and Tran also noticed that they weren’t speaking but only using hand signals. As Norta approached the skiffs one of the Jawas ripped a mask from his face, revealing a heavily scarred sullustan. He immediately began fighting with Norta while 6 Rodians of clan Yiyar burst from the crates on the skiffs and opened fire on the crew. In a devastating back and forth the Yiyar salvagers suffered the heavier casualties. When only two rodians and the scarred sullustan remained they attempted to escape in one of the skiffs. However, Lan was able to jump in one of the adjacent skiffs and ram the escape vehicle hard enough to knock all three occupants out into the toxic sludge below.

Meanwhile in Alcove 1, Juris was alerted by Beemo that 5 Yiyar Rodians were approaching The Noculent. He went to greet them, and upon realizing they meant him harm got a off a good shot and retreated back up the ramp and started closing it. He then alerted the crew that he was under siege. Lan and Gand took the skiff on the outside approach, while Verk and Tran came up the corridor to get the drop on the rodians shooting at Juris. Lan quickly and deftly piloted the skiff around the Noculent and directly into the closest rodian, taking the salvager out of the fight. Gand followed it up with a point blank attack with dual heavy blaster pistols taken from the defeated rodians on the skiff. His brutal assault saw the next rodian in line fall, unmoving. Juris, firing blindly from the half-raised boarding ramp, accidentally hit and injured Gand. Taking advantage of the Lan-created chaos Verk and Tran made short work of the two remaining rodians.

After regrouping, the crew made their way deeper into Scrapheap Point, the sound of combat still in evidence. As they passed the Bantha Can corridor the sound of a thermal detonator could be heard from that direction. The crew decided to continue on toward the Blockade Bandit, with the hopes of saving Cratala. Upon entering the corvette, the signs of fighting were obvious. Blaster burn marks covered the walls and the corpses lying on the ground. Delving deeped into the ship the crew came across a group of six trandoshan mercenaries. Catching the mercs unaware, Verk lobbed a stun grenade in their midst successfully hitting them all. A vicious firefight broke out and Verk was hit by multiple blaster bolts barely getting out of the line of fire before dropping. Despite the highly trained mercs skill, the crew was again victorious. In the cybernetic surgery room, Cratala was found and was able to provide some medical supplies for the injured crew members. Moving past the medical wing, the crew approached the inoperable turbolifts, only to have them open, revealing Reom and three other heavily armed soldiers. Reom looked at the party and said, “Good, let’s rout these Yiyar scum.” With the added support of Reom’s fighters the crew moved through the Bandit pushing the Yiyar salvagers before them until the last of the attackers had retreated from Scrapheap point.

At that point Reom asked to meet with the crew in his quarters, he thanked them for their help repulsing the invaders, and then expressed his surprise and delight that they had brought both Cratala and Harsol back from Cholganna. Because of this incredible amount of success, he generously increased the crews pay from 10,000 to 30,000 credits with the offer of potential future work, perhaps even a form of business partnership if they are interested. He also was able to pay-off Attilla the Hutt, to get him to drop the pursuit of R2-Q5.

Beyond the Rim Episode 3 Part 2
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