Star Wars: Destiny Manifested

Beyond the Rim Episode 3 Part 1

Toxic Motherlode

I can’t remember the last time I found myself at the helm of a turret, but I knew that I was in for a treat. As our “pilot” slowly shifted us in and out of poor positions, I knew that every shot I took had to be a good one. With a quick pull of the trigger and a slight smirk on my face I hosed down at least twenty tie fighters. Creating a safe passage for us to get to the junk planet. As we crash landed at our destination. I knew that I would be doing the talking. I kept the doctor and the old military guy calm. Simply by loosing my rifle from its shoulder harness. We met up with the Rodian and he was easy to win over. I knew I had exactly what he wanted, and he was very pleased.

As the doctor rambled on about boring robots, I saw an opportunity to snag some great ship parts from the Rodian’s scrap yard. The old kook didn’t know it but he was sitting on a gold mine. I gathered the scattered crew and we began searching for upgrades to our ship. As we were searching I could feel tiny little eyes watching our movement. I gave the area an ocular pat down and proceeded to not tell anyone of the impending danger. I didn’t want to scare the bunch as they weren’t exactly “combat ready”. Once the Jawa’s revealed themselves I quickly intervened. The shear sight of me kept them from killing us on the spot. Heck I was even able to snag a great trade with them. Once they calmed down of course. We gave them an old crusty glove for some great ship parts. At this point the crew moral was up and I was feeling pretty good.

Then my bounty hunter senses tingled and I saw it. A T400 Mega-Death Sky Bot. I hadn’t seen one in years, in fact I thought they have been discontinued since they were so effective at killing. I watched three of our six person crew wet themselves on the spot and knew that I had to act quickly. I pulled out my last frag grenade, kissed it as I pulled the pin (like always), and tossed that bad boy right into the T400’s weak spot. Or maybe that’s why they were discontinued…

-Verk Mesqen


jasonmflow jasonmflow

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